Moj skutere

Ain’t it nice, ain’t it nice
To tan one’s but on the beach
While staying out of reach
Of offspring criminals
That have stolen some Swiss granny’s scooter
And are now trying to rent it to some poor souls

Aaah, my dear scooter…

It’s even better, even better
When the jackass realizes that no one wants
To spend 20DEM for 5 minutes on a stupid scooter
Loses his temper, starts to ride
To close to coast at full power
And tears 10 pounds of ass of some grandma

But he bribes the judge with 100DEM
And he’s home free tomorrow

Aaah, my dear scooter…

And it’s the best, it’s the best
When you tie a buoy 2 cents under the surface
So when the scooter chap comes chargin’
It’s go’na be – Argh, someone help me!
(Just look at him waving those arms)

Aaah, my dear scooter?

Koprivica Marko