Zreo za penziju

On account of the extraordinary historic events
I have suffered from nervous tension
And am now, going through government departments
Applying for retirement and pension

Iglesias is forcing me to singer studies
Saying: “Singers don’t feel crises
Find a couple of gigs now and then
Sing a few tunes and watch the wallet expand”
A singer has to be born, or so I think
Hard head comes from the genetics
It’s not easy singing while the people are fightin’
They might start throwing money at the guy who’s singin’

Mbuto tries to get me into politician’s role
Saying: “The bigger they are, the softer they fall
A politician is always loved by the masses
Everybody’s running to get his condolences
But I think: “Those hanging around politics
Don’t know the first thing about ballistics
The speed you use to get to the top
Is the speed you’ll have when you drop”

Even Scrooge Mc Duck, is knocking on my door
And saying: “Business is the thing to strive for
Only fool wants to be popular and famous
Business is just a thing for your genius”
Uncle Scrooge, I know I’m gifted in brains
But business is something running through one’s veins
Whores don’t do it because of the profit
They do it because they love [husbands] to cheat

Digital Mandrack, like Solomon wise
Reviews my lyrics with discord in his eyes
Judging by their obscure contents
He’s feeling some nervous pretense
“You started to be serious about your poetics
And to lure the audience on empty pathetics”

It seams to me, my dear friend
That retirement is imminent

Retirement is imminent…

Koprivica Marko