Vrag ne spava

Oh, bleeding frontier…
You’re always to fighting near
The Devil does not sleep… the Devil…
All the girls have, all the girls have, gone to the village dance
Where will we go, where will we go, when my darling comes
The Devil does not sleep… the Devil…
Oh, Lika, Udbine, ???
Oh, Korenice and ???
I love churches, I love churches, and their sound of bells
I love girls too, I love girls too, and their little shells
The Devil does not sleep…
Come on bunny, come on bunny, let us have some honey
Flash that ass, flash that ass, and let’s roll in the grass
The Devil…
I would love to, I would love to roll in the grass with you
But I have to, but I have to, watch over my virtue

Koprivica Marko