Onano Nano Grand Waltz Blues

Hey waitress, bring over here a bottle of rakia
Along with a charger for my old Nokia
I’ve got cut out while I was talking to my babe
Have to call her, this moment, she must hear me say
Can you feel love from the distance coming from this drunk bud?
Don’t hang up, don’t break up, because of low battery
Cause I got here 3gp of our sexy scene
How can you even think that I don’t want you?
Don’t be a stranger,
Blame it on a charger
I had no idea that battery is low
Otherwise I would recharge it before.
Now I’m sitting in the pub, hugging bottle of rakia
All alone, felling sad, because of this old Nokia
Watching sexy 3gp on old Nokia screen

Tell me provider, what shall I do about this woman?
All she wants is a new cell phone with better quality
And all I want is her to love me like she did before
I’ve had enough of this nanotechnology!

Danica Asurdžić