Biology, neurophysiology
Moral demagogy, pedagogy
Big fish eat small fish
And small fish eat big, only if it can

Odysseus, slow down, it’s all about navigation
between Scilla and Haribda pulls gravitation
At least, you know that Penelope
won’t fall for charms of some Cyclope

When you’re young
You don’t need anything
Just some girls and beer to drink
You don’t need bed
You can do it on foot
Biology works for you

Anarchy is cool
Because nothing to lose

Anarchy is cool
Because nothing to lose

Then you’ve fallen in love
Belly growing up to her teeth
Expenses rise
Priorities change
Kindergarten, school,
Kid’s clinic
You’re thrown into system
Paperology, bureaucracy,
So you cry out: where is democracy?
Right to work?
Right to live?
Right to not to be overvoted by stupid mases?

Finaly, you’ve learned how to play by the rules,
So you’re on the win
You’ve found rules inside the rules
And took the action
Now you have to keep that combination.

House with a pool, big stomach, driver,
Mistresses, wife’s fuckers,
It’s so expensive, my friend,
So democracy is bad,
Much worse is anarchy
You don’t want to be scared by mafia
That’s why you need oligarchy

You’re getting bigger and stronger,
People admire you,
Monopol on the market you own,
All the green fields and soil are yours,
Forest tourism complexes,
Chops, money, bank reports,
Gas companies, canalization,
Shares in medical institutions and education
asphalt base
You hold in your hand

You’re an emperor, imperator, leader and the king,
Then even oligarchy worths nothing,
You’re an emperor,
And you need monarchy

I could keep on singing
What’s happening
Later on,
When old days start to squeeze your ass,
But I’m not Goethe,
Those youngs need someone
To sell them cassettes…

Danica Asurdžić