Hey Chokmood, you patient from Pljevlja
what trouble came upon y’a

There’s no trouble, hey doctor from Prijepolje
but the troublesome toothache of mine

Let me see, Chokmood, number six up left
number six up left...attacked by caries

It takes a root canal and filling
the nurse will drug you up so you wont feel a thing

What will you have tell me Chokmood
which drugs will get you in the mood

Please doctor give me the strongest
the one which cures toothache the best

Here Chokmood this is the best
picked by babe from Prisoyes :)

Unfortunately doctor it’s not the toothache
that’s bothering me, but it’s jealousy

My darling went to Belgrade
and decided in student city herself to accommodate

She annoys me, a whore, instead of studying
she is bringing a roomate into a single bedroom

Unfortunately Chokmood that’s the fate,
Life is a mother to some, a stepmother to the other one

fuck it doctor, in other words,
popara to one, gruel to the other too

That’s right Chokmood, such is the fate
opera to one, sevdalinka to the other mate
either Asia on or Eurovision.

Milovan Mladenović