Urbano, samo urbano

Swan statues, lion statues,
Figurines and sculptures,
Silicone, jeeps,
Videos and clips,
Armature, cement,
Square areas, buildings,
Time has come
To charge interest…

Urban, urban,
Only urban, urban…

Leather, air-cond, sunroof,
Bass reflex and stereo,
Hair fancy dressed,
Fresh orange pressed
Soft wood flooring
Seafood eating
Underfloor heating
Intimate shaving

Only urban, urban,
Only urban, urban

I drink only imported beer
In order to meet the best chicks
Stilettos, laces, corsets, pelvises,
And on belly button little rings

I lost contact with my old mother,
I avoid village cousins
Because I have become a citizen
And in my soul I am…

Only urban, urban,
Only urban, urban

It is great fun with us,
Because with us it is never boring,
It is the best with us
And with the others it is the worst
We throw parties
With us there are hotties
Who show their pelvises…
Let’s go, get to work
We build luxury suits
And sit on our asses…