For giving me birth, thank you, mother
For making love with my father
Thank you for making a man out of me
Physically, mentally, totally fit

Thank, you father for your strife
To create my very own life
Thank you for inseminating my mother
When you made love to her

Thank you, ancestors, for your genes
For all the virtues you gave to me
For flames alight within my eye
Every time a woman passes me by

Tutmes the Third, Ramses the Second,
They’re just like me, so I reckon
But I’m no Ramses, my name is Rambo
And I claim love as my kingdom

Oh, Mrs. Madame Tisot
A vacant place, have you got?
I am Rambo from the Balkans
And all the women are my fans

I just wish, if all women could
Love just me, and no-one else, upon this world
I just wish, if all women would
Decide to… ah!

But my pa’ gave me some warnings
Women want to clip your wings
Ever since the dawning of time
Women kept making men cry

A handsome girl, with a bottle of wine
Is something else, something just fine
Come on, baby, drink some wine
Then you‘ll meet a friend of mine…

Is this not a handsome girl
Yes, this is a handsome girl
Are those not two policemen
Yes, those are two policemen

One girl and two cops?
Here and now, this song stops!

Koprivica Marko