Inspektor Nagib

Inspector Nagib was an inspector
With honour and good reputation
Inspector Nagib could find a hole
Even in Newton’s law of gravitation

Inspector Nagib had a new suit
He walked alone, never with patrol
Inspector Nagib had his own sector
Which he kept under selfcontrol.

Inspektor Nagib listened to his mother,
Big, fat, energetic moustache lady
He used to watch VCR until sundown,
but at night he would sneak around town.

Inspector Nagib liked to drink whiskey
And he got used to smoke fancy cigarettes,
He was so young, couldn’t afford it
So he dreamt about mountains of cash…

Nagib, Nagib
Inspector Nagib, Nagib...

God bless us all, there’ll be money for all,
Lousy money for such a creative mind,
And then, one day, he rented a video,
Movie about Dr Jackyll and Mr Hyde...

Street skunk, Ragib was a street skunk,
Distrustful person, a worthless punk,
In short time he made a big fortune
By gambling his dignity away for sure.

Daylight time Nagib, Ragib at night,
As alike as two peas in a pod
Street skunk Ragib was a Nagib’s
"The Dark Side of The Moon"...

Nagib, Nagib
Inspector Nagib, Nagib...

Danica Asurdžić