Pitiful humans, drop to ground
See the starships filling the sky
Chilling your spine, and hear the sound
Of a goddess from far away

Listen, Earthlings, to your new deity
I’ll reveal you an ancient secret
I come from the crystal city
And I am the queen of the Gongo planet

Planet Gongo has no famine or wars
Everyone’s in love, so no one’s jealous
Everything’s allowed, there’s no restrictions
Through the crystal streets, girls walk topless

Listen to this song with great care
And I’ll bring some joy to your planet
But unless your harts are pure and fair
You’ll never become the Gongo planet

I am the queen of Gongo planet
Women just like me,
Back there, are abundant
I’ll reveal you an ancient secret -
And show you the gadget
Gongonians use to make children

Koprivica Marko