Djede Niko

It was hot in Podgorica on that summer day
So we stole grandpa Nick’s car and quickly ran away
Bought some gas, made a toast
Chin up, pedal down, we’re going to the coast

As soon as we left Cetinje behind our backs
We saw the sea, beyond the rocks
We picked up some girl that was hiking
Sheet, cousins, is that a siren sounding?

What’s that white and blue car on the track?
Oh, no, the road patrol is on our back
First gear, clutch, second, third, Russian cars are the best
We’re flying down the curves, like birds from the nest

Steep road, at brake-neck speed
The girl behind started to plead
She thought this is to be her last ride
So she begged us to let her outside

Oh, Boutros Gali, we need you now
To protect our rights, only you know how

We got away easy, cops got stuck behind a lorry
So we thanked the Russians, in all their glory

Through a one way street to a parking lot
There we strapped on some Versace and all the gold we got
When we saw the pale tourist girls in topless
Our reaction was automatic, a pure reflex

We took a few of them behind the Mogren beach
During first base, grandpa Nick appeared
And said: I’m not angry at you, cos’ you took my wheels
I’m angry because you’re without me, chasing high heels

Don’t be angry grandpa Nick, and thank you for the ride
On our way back home we’ll find for you a bride

So we came back, Djizo, Saki, me and Knez
On our way we listened to some Montenegro jazz

Koprivica Marko