Dont happy be worry

God decided to cook up the world, so tells the story
Turned on the stove, prepared the porridge and had a taste
Less taste and more haste, chef, or the lunch will go to waste
Don’t happy, be worry

Now what, steal, spy, fuck yourself, live in lies
Or work yourself to death trying to survive
Rejoice every time you see another sunrise
Don’t happy, be worry

Icebergs are melting, the ozone is thinning,
Yankees are singing – Halleluiah Glory
The Chinese flag is merrily streaming
Don’t happy, be worry

It’s dangerous outside, so lock the kids in
Pull down the shades, have all the doors shut
May the neighbour’s cow die, pray with a grin
Buy a PC, and wait for the windows to start up

Groom, honey, I fell at school, darling
During gym class, nose got broken, I’m sorry
What are we going to do about the wedding
Don’t happy, be worry

Every time I go to pay a bill, it’s the same story
There awaits me a mile long row
When serving me, waiters are always slow
Don’t happy, be worry

Feed on your nerves, practice endurance,
Have an aspirin, don’t be sorry,
McFerrin, darling, be real, for once
Don’t happy, be worry

Koprivica Marko