You scum of the earth
Down on you knees now
Look at ships ride by in the sky
Goose bump your spines
Hope for a miracle

By a fairy from a distant star Gongo

Listen Earthlings what I will say now
I brought you a big secret to keep
I have just arrived from Crystal City
I am the Queen of planet Gongo

On planet Gongo there are no wars or hunger
There is no jealosy only love
You can do whatever you want
Naked girls are walking crystal streets

If you carefully listen to this song
I can bring some joy to your planet
But if you get scared and shit your pants
I will never make you Gongo planet

Because I am the Queen
On the planet they call Gongo
I will give you a secret
You must keep dearly...


This song is from a movie "Slatko od snova" (Dream Jam) which was made during the worst period of Milosevic rule and total economic and cultural isolation of the country. The movie, a bizzare teen / comedy / glam / fantasy / post-apocaliptic / anything goes / fashion-costume / dark / sci-fi musical carries the sign of the times - intelectual dark age.