Karamba Karambita

A thousand thunders and deer antlers,
By all the beavers in Ontario, caramba carambita
I swear on my great grandfather the witchdoctor
Times were better during the rule of comrade Tito

They hooked up the people crying about the nation
And now our buts are sour with their whips in action
As if we were sheep they locked us in
And are now making us unanimously sing

Four legs – good, two legs – bad
Six wheel limos – for the best to have

They installed a puppet television
There’s a hypocrite in every direction
Earthly troubles for the heavenly nation
Thieves are now more subtle in action

The president approves the people’s will
While posing for pictures on an oil field
There’s a new fraud just before the elections
Gullible folks can finally pick up their pensions

The intellectuals are no more welcomed in our race
Still, no worries, the underworld will crawl in their place
A honest man can only cry
Or find a place where he can die

If this country’s a boat, then you know the captain
The nearer the shipwreck, the greater his boasting
He’s firm in his beliefs, while steering the wheels
He’s also full of sheet, just like the people’s meals
(suddenly he stopped, got startled)
All one can do is turn off the TV
Give one’s brain a rest, and stay away from fools
Cause they send you to war to become invalid
While they stay home spreading the hatred

Turn off the TV, you can see it’s rotten
The decency is completely forgotten
Eventually, like Ceausescu or Hitler
There’ll be a great bang, and it’ll all be over

Koprivica Marko