Maroko, zemljo obećana

a friend of mine, can't tell you the name
pulled some strings to get the job of a cabin boy
god may not have given him much of an appearance
but is still just, everyone gets some quality
(will be observed later)

after a few days on the open sea
the crew realized that the person in question still has it's cherry
so, they decided that at the next port (morocco)
they should get him a fine moroccan whore

since the lad was very shy
when they brought the chick, he shitted his pants
tiny cabin, small bed,
but the cabin boy got around the business surprisingly quick

his screwing made the boat rock harder
than due to the strong north wind blowing on that afternoon
the sailors took turns shoving around the keyhole
to the whore cry out in joy

alas, they had to leave Morocco
such is the sailor's life
sad was the cabin boy
his heart floating on the waves
like a lonely fly-fish (???)

the crew started to wind him up
the next port was Kardeljevo
but they treated to tell him
that they are going back to Morocco

they entered the port of Kardeljevo
due to the sweet anticipation
sailor couldn't control his right arm

when they hit the coast
the sailor thought
a giant leap for me, but a small step for man kind
kneeled, kissed the ground and said

Morocco!!! the promised land!!!
alas, it was Kardeljevo.

Koprivica Marko